The Light of Karbala in our Community

Published on Islamic Insights on Oct. 29, 2015

The events of Karbala are more than just words on the page in a history book and the sobering tragedy that occurred on the day ofAshura (the tenth of Muharram) needs to be commemorated in a special way. The fifth Imam of Islam, Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as) is reported to have said, “If our Shia truly knew what happened in Karbala, they would die from grief.” We will never be able to experience the gravity of the tragedy of Karbala, but we can bring the events to life as much as possible.

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Nepal: Understanding Tragedy and Lending a Helping Hand

Published April 29, 2015 by Islamic Insights

On April 25th, 2015, an earthquake struck Nepal just before noon local time followed by nearly two dozen aftershocks, including a magnitude-6.6 aftershock an hour afterwards. Hospitals were overflowing with injuries, homes were damaged, phone lines were jammed, and roads had gaping cracks running along them.

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Mexican Dead Gone But Certainly Not Forgotten During Día de los Muertos

Published for Multimedia Newsroom, UT School of Journalism on November 13, 2013

The Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin creates community alters every year to honor the deceased.  Rhjaibeigi Photography.

The Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin creates community alters every year to honor the deceased.
Rhajibeigi Photography.

The altars have been dismantled, the face paint removed and the sugar skulls eaten, but planning for next year’s Día de los Muertos celebration is already underway.

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When the media fails the public

Rows of men dressed in uniforms stained with Saudi Arabian government markings fill the marketplaces. Standing with machine guns at every corner, they kept the streets clear of any idle pedestrians. Policemen set up checkpoints at every highway off-ramp to ensure no disruptive behavior. And Saudi tanks rolled through the streets, keeping everyone in their place as little children watched in confusion. This was the new Bahrain that UT petroleum engineering student Ali Hussain Khalifa remembers. It was only a few weeks earlier, in February of 2011, that the first protestors rose against the Al-Khalifa dictatorship in Bahrain. And if anyone outside the region picked up a newspaper, this story was likely left off.

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No Limits In Sight: Austinites anticipate their city’s first double- weekend ACL Festival

It’s that time of year again. People from across the country will make their way to Austin to enjoy great music, food, and the city’s trademark weirdness. But now when people come to enjoy the Austin City Limits Music Festival, they will have two weekends to enjoy the fun.  Continue reading